Vishraams indicate pauses in Gurbani. There are both long pauses and short pause that are denoted by different colors. It is important to note that Vishraams are interpretations from Gursikhs and are not written directly in Guru Granth Sahib Jee.

What are the Vishraam styles and sources?
The Khalis team preformed a user study to determine the best way to display Vishraams. You have the option (in the Settings) to choose between Colored Words or a Gradient Background. Colors are defined below:
- Colored Text:
- Red - long pause
- Yellow - short pause

Additionally, you have the option to choose between Vishraam sources.

- BaniDB Living - Vishraams being actively updated/corrected by the BaniDB & Khalis Foundation team of sevaadaars
- iGurbani - Vishraams as shown in the iGurbani mobile app
- STTM 2 - Vishraams as shown in the old SikhiToTheMax 2 app