1. Visit https://sso.khalis.net/

  2. If you don’t have a Khalis Network login, Click “Need an Account?

  3. Once you have signed up, fill in the form at banidbeditor.khal.is

  4. Once approved, you will receive an email with the link to login to the BaniDB Backend.

Using BaniDB Backend

  1. Login to the BaniDB Control Panel

  2. Once you login, you will see the moderation queue. These are changes that must be approved or denied. 

  3. Click one. You can provide feedback, a downvote (-1) or an upvote (+1) to approve. 

    1. Once 2 upvotes are achieved, the change can be merged and a merge button will appear. 

    2. Click merge and you can automatically update the database and it will be sent to all sites and apps that use BaniDB.

Making changes

  1. Find a shabad on www.sikhitothemax.org.

  2. Once you are viewing the shabad, copy the URL and then paste it into the BaniDB search bar.

  3. You can now make changes to the data. Keep in mind a single line can only be in the queue once. To change it again, the first change must be merged first. Click “Submit Changes”

  4. The change now appears in the queue.