SikhiToTheMax offers a beta program for anyone who is interested in testing new features prior to them being released. 


To join the program, we request: 

  1. You test SikhiToTheMax in a Gurdwara environment if possible
  2. You send us regular feedback and bug reports as you use the application 

Download the Beta

To download SikhiToTheMax Beta, use the links below: 

Windows - SikhiToTheMax Beta Build

macOS - SikhiToTheMax Beta Build

NOTE: After downloading, the beta will need to download the latest update. SikhiToTheMax should automatically prompt you for an update. You can also go to the File > Check for Update menu button. 

How to Submit Feedback

You can submit your feedback by opening a new ticket within FreshDesk

Please select "Desktop" followed by "Beta Testing"

Are You a Developer?

We are always looking for Sevaadars within our Sangat to help contribute to making SikhiToTheMax better. Check out our GitHub or contact us if you're interested in being part of the team.